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Welcome to the CPF Consulting

A management advisory arm of CPF Group to get expert Trainers and Consultants in the field.

Business Consulting

Solution for every business related problems, readily
and skillfully.

Risk Management

Calculate every possible risk in your business, take
control over them.

Leadership and Strategy

To provide a map that aligns investments in leadership development with the strategy, goals, and aspirations of the business

Quality Services

Experience unparalleled service, from beginning
to final construction.

Awesome Team

Before talking destination, we shine a spotlight across your organization
to fully understand it.

Excellent Support

If you face any trouble, you can always let our dedicated support team help you. They are ready for you 24/7.

Faster Performance

We develop a systematic well-ordered process of analysis, from concept through implementation.


Training Services

  • Leading for success
    Our Leadership program provides practical skills for new leaders as well as cutting edge issues for experienced leaders in order to navigate the ever changing business landscape.
  • Managing Performance
    This program aims at disseminating practical skills and tools for managing performance at the workplace.
  • Counselling at the Workplace
    High performance organizations are high pressure institutions. The current global pandemic occasioned by COVID-19 has exacerbated the situation creating unprecedented pressure, tension, stress, anger, frustration and anxiety.
  • Building Trust and Collaboration at the workplace
    The program aims at enhancing trust and collaboration at the workplace in order to ensure that individual and team effort is directing at achieving organizational goals.

Consulting Services

  • Strategy Formulation, Execution and ReviewWith experience spanning over 20 years, our Strategy Consultants work with our clients to create clarity of vision, mission and goals thereby assisting in creating coherence across the organization.
  • Governance Audits We provide an independent, objective, fact-based assessment of stewardship, cost, or performance of programs and operations. Our Consortium of audit experts are dedicated to providing specialized audit services to clients in all sectors of the economy.
  • Board EvaluationsEverything rises and falls on Leadership! The success of any enterprise depends entirely on the calibre of its leaders.

HR Consulting

  • Recruitment and Selection:
    Focus on your core business and let us source for you the perfect match for your organization.
  • Job Evaluation:
    With the increased need to remain profitable, companies desire to retain top talent, well remunerated and highly motivated. Organizations seek to minimize costs of recruitment while at the same time reducing learning curves.
  • HR Policy Development and Implementation:
    Human Resources policies and procedures constitute the real backbone and foundation of any organization, guiding the organization and its employees to ensure that there is harmony, fairness and order in the organization.
These programs are available also on an in-house arrangement. Talk to us.

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Why Choose CPF Consulting

We Are Professional

We resource, train, speak, mentor and encourage; marketplace leaders, business owners and career professionals to be effective in the workplace.

We Are Creative

With so many factors to consider when deciding how to characterize your company , wouldn’t it be great to have a group of forward-thinking, well-informed individuals on board who know what they’re doing?

24/7 Great Support

Design clever and compelling marketing strategies, improve product positioning, and drive conversion rates, CPF Consulting is all time available to guide you.

If you have any query related investment...
we are available 24/7

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