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HR Consulting

What is in it for Our Clients/ Client Value Proposition?

  • Independent Service Delivery and / or Integrated Bundles
  • Flexibility and expertise for services, when needed
  • You focus in your core business
  • Meet Specific goals in an efficient and timely manner
  • Knowledge Transfer and capacity building from our experienced and Certified HR Professionals
  • Receive HR advice, tips ,tools, and best practice that translate into results

HR Consulting Focus Areas

As your trusted HR Consulting partner, we will assist you in enhancing efficiency and effectiveness in the following areas among others as per the client’s request.

Executive Recruitment

Our Executive Recruitment Model
Executive recruitment within CPF is aimed at ensuring that the client’s interests are met and that the best candidates are considered for employment through a fair and transparent process. The recruitment will also ensure value for money for the client.

Psychometric Assessment

Measuring the important Immeasurable. We partner with Lead Psychometric Testing firms to undertake Psychometric Assessment as part of your recruitment and / or promotion decisions. Selecting the right candidates improves your company’s bottom line. Behavioural and technical aspects are measured that impact on productivity of your employees.Our Psychometric assessment is recommended for Senior and executive officers but we are flexible to Client’s requirements.

Organization Structure Review

Organization structure is the pillar of organizational effectiveness. It forms the base on which the organization’s strategy is operationalized. It enables synergies between different operating functions.Our organization structure will ensure the strategy and structure are aligned.Our approach is to understand the strategy of the organization, establish the levels of authority, operation levels, span of control and understand the operating culture. We will also determine the main business processes and identify main high level activities and develop desired high level profiles.

Conducting HR Surveys

Conducting HR Surveys is a good practice as they are one of the most effective enhancement tools available for organisations today. A well conducted and executed survey helps organisations create impact by increasing key focus areas such as employee engagement, as well as improving organisational performance by focusing on the key areas of concern.By Partnering with CPF HR Consulting, we will assist you in conducting HR Surveys that will enable you get access to a wide range of valuable data and gain organizational insights which can only be accessed by way of conducting HR surveys, on targeted areas.The surveys we offer are Employee satisfaction Surveys, Employee Engagement surveys, Exit Surveys among others.

Conducting HR Audits

A Human Resources Audit (or HR Audit) is a comprehensive method (or means) to review current human resources policies, procedures, documentation and systems to identify needs for improvement and enhancement of the HR function as well as to assess compliance with ever-changing rules and regulations. An Audit involves systematically reviewing all aspects of human resources, usually in a checklist fashion. Our Approach to conducting our Client’s HR Audit is to recognize strengths and identify any needs for improvement in the human resources function. We target to reveal problem areas and provide recommendations and suggestions for the remedy of these problems to our clients.

Conducting Compensation Surveys and structuring

For our Clients to retain superior calibre, experienced and motivated employees, they should be able to pay a competitive package in the market in order to attract and retain highly qualified and experienced candidates. In Conducting Compensation Surveys, our approach will be to ensure that our Client’s salary structure is aligned to the Market remuneration principles and structures. Our Client’s existing regulations that govern their pay. Information obtained from comparator organizations as agreed and discussed with the client will be used as well as existing Compensation surveys that relates to the Client’s Industry.

Human Resources Policy Development

In order to ensure our Clients have clear guidelines on employer - employee relationships, which impart information on acceptable norms of behaviour, work schedules, health and safety measures, employment laws, conflict resolution and disciplinary measures, we will endeavour to develop Policies on the rights, duties and responsibilities of employees and the employer that create a suitable working environment and promote healthy workplace relationships as agreed with our Clients. We endeavour to develop appropriate, up-to-date HR Manual that is tailored for the specific industry the client is operating and that suits the Client’s culture. Further we will train our client’s managers and supervisors in order to clarify their role in the process and implementation of the same.

HR ISO 9001: 2015 Procedures Development.

The HR processes are key in ensuring that the Company remains profitable through maximization of its Human Capital.Through our HR Consulting, our Clients will enjoy the benefit of working with our Lead Auditors who are experienced in the field of Human Resources to guide in the Development of ISO 9001:2001procedures. Our approach is to work with the Client to develop the procedures according to their existing practice and best practice.

HR Department Set – Up

Human Resources issues occupies a significant amount of management time. With the Dynamic nature of Human Capital, emerging issues amidst other Human Resources practices, continues updates and changes to existing Human Resources forms, policies and procedures are critical to ensure effective and efficient management of Human Capital

Partnering with CPF HR Consulting will enable you get solutions in all HR Matters such as HR Transactions, Operational and Strategic functions.


For any organization to be successful, its employee’s teams have to be both efficient and collaborative in solving work related problems. Team building activities allows employees to re-group & rekindle their passion and drive for work. This can only be achieved by simply getting the employees away from the stressful hustle & bustle of the workplace.

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