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CPF Consulting is the Training and consultancy arm of the CPF Group. Harnessing experience spanning over 90 years and partnership with renowned Consultants and trainers, CPF Consulting brings practical solutions to the myriad challenges facing organizations and individuals.


We believe in walking with our clients to identify challenges and crystalize solutions in order to achieve individual and organizational goals. Our approach is interactive and participatory thereby creating long lasting partnerships with our clients for purposes of knowledge transfer.

Leadership and Management

Performance, whether personal or organizational, is a product of effective Leadership. The capacity of an Organization for greater heights of growth and sustainability is pegged on the quality of its leaders.

Trust and Collaboration

It is amazing how much can be accomplished if we do not care who gets the credit”. This quote from Harry S. Truman holds true for Organizations. Building High Performance Teams means getting everyone to focus on the collective goal.

Organizational Productivity

Return on Investment on human capital Staff motivation and engagement ensures that everyone strives to reach their full potential, giving their all and sparing no effort in achieving organizational and personal goals.

Employee wellness

The pressure to deliver organizational and personal targets result to burnout, fear, frustration and anxiety leading to mental illnesses.

Passing the baton Managing employee retirement

Every beginning has an end. Organizations are as good as the people they employ and how they treat these people from “onboarding” to “disembarking”. How well do we treat our employees when it is time for them to disembark? They must never feel as if they are being discarded.

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