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Training Services

Our Training Services

Leading for success

Our Leadership program provides practical skills for new leaders as well as cutting edge issues for experienced leaders in order to navigate the ever changing business landscape. We combine knowledge of strategy, governance and business continuity as key components of effective leadership. This program is aimed at enhancing capacity for leading self, leading others and leading business/organizations for improved performance.

Managing Performance

This program aims at disseminating practical skills and tools for managing performance at the workplace. The program discusses the success factors for high performance as well as the need for structured performance measurement. With special reference to the Balanced Scorecard, we bring strategy to life so as to make strategy execution everybody’s everyday job. Measuring performance is a critical aspect of leadership and management. The program aims at solidifying existing performance management frameworks and/or implementing performance management systems in order to deliberately and systematically implement strategic objectives. We believe that people who feel good about themselves produce good results and people who produce good results feel good about themselves. Organizations that invest in their people eventually reap from their people’s investment in their organizations.

Counselling at the Workplace

High performance organizations are high pressure institutions. The current global pandemic occasioned by COVID-19 has exacerbated the situation creating unprecedented pressure, tension, stress, anger, frustration and anxiety. All these create fertile grounds for mental pressures. A healthy workforce is a productive workforce. This program enables individuals and organizations to identify and heal individual emotional pain points so as to focus on organizational goals. This program therefore helps employees to manage their emotional and psychological wellbeing, for their own good and that of the organizations they work for.

Building Trust and Collaboration at the workplace

The program aims at enhancing trust and collaboration at the workplace in order to ensure that individual and team effort is directing at achieving organizational goals. Every Organization craves for team members that are motivated and engaged enough to innovatively provide solutions to their clients thereby enhancing organizational growth and sustainability. This program enables institutions to breakdown internal silos and build trust and collaboration for improved organizational performance.

Preparing for the Exit- Preretirement Training

With experience in Social security management spanning over 90 years, at CPF Consulting we assist individuals to prepare for a smooth separation from their employer.

  • Secure Tomorrow Today- This program targets new employees and provides them with skills to plan for their twilight years from the onset of gainful employment, whether formal or informal.
  • Passing the baton: This program targets those that have been in employment and have at least 10 years to retirement.
  • Life- after Life- This programs targets corporate executives to prepare them for the next phase of life which may be characterized by reduced visibility and influence. What options are there to keep them engaged as useful members of society?

Key skills include psychological preparedness, personal financial planning/management, entrepreneurship and managing health concerns.

These programs are available also on an in-house arrangement. Talk to us.

Project Management:

To equip participants with the knowledge, skills, tools, and techniques required to structure and manage projects in a manner that meets project objectives and stakeholder requirements.


  • Improved Efficiency
    Enabling a project manager to accurately determine the requirements of a project and to assess the available resources and make best use of those resources. This ensures the scope, schedule and budget are accurately set from the start.

Business Continuity Planning:

Equipped with the knowhow of how to identify the risks which affect continuity of business – and how to mitigate them, the importance of all employees playing a part, how to prepare and review a plan and the importance of communication during a disaster.

  • keep your business trading during and after an incident
  • recover operations more quickly after interruptions
  • reduce costs and duration of any disruption
  • mitigate risks and financial exposure
  • build customer confidence and trust
  • safeguard company reputation
  • develop confidence within the business
  • develop confidence within the business
  • comply with regulatory or legal requirements
  • insure against otherwise unacceptable risks
  • save lives, if dangerous events (such as fire) occur

Smart Caretaker:

This is a one-day caretaker’s seminar that covers the technical aspects of Property & Facilities Management, the soft skills that a caretaker should possess to set them apart as a ‘Smart Caretaker’.

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