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Project Management

Project Management

To equip participants with the knowledge, skills, tools, and techniques required to structure and manage projects in a manner that meets project objectives and stakeholder requirements.


  • Improved Efficiency
    Enabling a project manager to accurately determine the requirements of a project and to assess the available resources and make best use of those resources. This ensures the scope, schedule and budget are accurately set from the start.
  • Enhanced Confidence
    Learning about how to identify risks in projects, and how to manage them, this helps build a project manager's confidence and ability to manage projects effectively.
  • Consistent Delivery
    Confident, efficient project managers who are able to deal effectively with risks will consistently and reliably deliver successful projects avoiding wasted time, effort and money.
  • Customer Satisfaction
    When the tools and techniques are used to deliver projects reliably; deliver what was required and within budget then the customer will be satisfied.
  • A Fresh Perspective
    Experienced project managers can improve their PM knowledge with new techniques but can also simply learn to approach a familiar scenario with a new perspective.
  • Behavioural Changes
    Project Management is not just about experience, tools and techniques but also learning how to influence others and resolve conflict.

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